Perfum History

The history of perfume · From prehistory to the online world

Origin of perfume

The story goes that the first perfume was the result of the casual union of the fire of a bonfire with the aroma that gave off the smoke of branches burned by a child. That smoke spread and raised the scent throughout a village and its skies. This for a long time united the perfume and good smell that nature offered to religious and spiritual rites. It was the Greeks who spread their passion for perfumes throughout the Mediterranean to Rome, where the first perfumers and barbers were set up to create the great business of perfumery and the sale of fragrances and aromas. But the true origin and development of perfumery is found in ancient Crete and its colonies in Syria and other Mediterranean towns that with their commercial trips turned perfumery into a prosperous business that crossed borders. The Arabs perfected perfumery with their extensive scientific knowledge of previous cultures, making it a constantly evolving technique. And from the East to the West the merchants took care of flooding the world with these new fragrances, aromas and spices, putting the habit of accompanying bath and hygiene with perfume.

The professionalization of the perfumer

In the year 1,200 King Philip II Augustus formalized the profession of the perfumer as such, setting places of sale of perfume and recognizing its social utility. Thus begins the perfumery industry as we know it today, along with cosmetics, would become the object of desire of men and women around the world. By the 14th century, the French began to grow flowers specifically for the manufacture of perfumes. It was then that France positioned itself as the European center of design and trade in perfumery. However, it is the union of fragrance and glass that brings perfumer art to new horizons. The old Venetian glaziers found in Germany and Bohemia a very resistant quartz that allowed them to engrave, polish and decorate the perfume containers. A new market opened for perfumers who could begin to give personality and image to male fragrances and female fragrances.

Brands and design

Years later the great perfumer François Coty joined the master glassmaker René Lalique and together they created flasks for brands such as Lubin, Orsay, Guerlain, Piver, Roger, Molinard, Gallet and Volnay. From the 1920s Brosse glassworks won the admiration of the world with the beautiful, sober and refined jar of Chanel No. 5 and Jeanne Lanvin's famous black ball of Arpége.

Perfume and the web

Nowadays, the sale of perfumes and cosmetics is intimately linked to art, design and advertising. Internet has revolutionized the purchase of cosmetics and perfumery and has created a market of beauty that breaks borders and allows anyone who wants to buy an original branded perfume online from anywhere in the world without having to move. The website has found a very important "niche" of consumption and some online stores offer a mix of brands of perfumery and cosmetics so that consumers can compare their products at a great price in a convenient and fast. In Perfumes Premium we are official distributors of more than 20.000 products high cosmetics and perfumery among which the most important brands of the beauty market brought directly from the factory and at the best price stand out.

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