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Mad About Curls And Waves

Mad About Curls And Waves
The current world moves towards authenticity, there is a change of attitude, people feel powerful in showing their uniqueness and try to take advantage of their unique personality and beauty. The Mad About Curls & Waves range combines gentle washing formulas with a high strength Aquarine Complex. Its formulas intensively hydrate and fortify the hair while providing a layer of care for a palpable definition and protection against breakage and heat. Accentuating the beauty of the original texture of your hair will make you fall madly in love with your curls and waves thanks to Mad About Curls & Waves. Hydration and protection Precious curls and waves that last Up to 96% less breakage * Up to 94% less split ends Mad About Curls is a range of care and complete finishing dedicated to respect and protect each unique hair pattern. For beautiful, lasting curls and to be proud of.
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  1. Mad About Curls Treatment 500Ml
    Special Price €19.04 Regular Price €53.47
  2. Mad About Curls Shampoo Low Foam 1000Ml
    Special Price €20.89 Regular Price €58.65
  3. Mad About Waves Shampoo Sulfate-Free 1000Ml
    Special Price €15.99 Regular Price €61.82
  4. Mad About Waves Spray Texturizing 200Ml
    Special Price €8.80 Regular Price €31.20
  5. Mad About Waves Conditioner 1000Ml
    Special Price €18.73 Regular Price €66.59
  6. Mad About Waves Windy Texture Balm 150Ml
    Special Price €10.54 Regular Price €29.60
  7. Mad About Curls Shampoo Low Foam 300Ml
    Special Price €7.18 Regular Price €20.17